The foundation of Luna is a scientific data collection platform, bringing research grade data collection to commercial accessibility. A system of autonomous mobile and fixed cameras, with high definition and 3D imaging, as well as environmental sensors, measure and record everything, down to the real-time growth rate of each plant. This visual and data record is the baseline and the start of recorded history for future greenhouse operations.

The recorded data is analyzed and presented back to you in an easy to use platform featuring a wide variety of services that help you understand the changing status of your crop and your operation. These services extend and enhance the capabilities of your experienced growing staff and make your labor force more efficient.  These features include:

  • High resolution images and real-time data on all of your plants are available to you at any time on your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Computer vision automated tracking of inventory movement.
  • Flower, bud, and fruit counts, as well as greenhouse space utilization, are all measured and recorded automatically.
  • The Digital Flagging labor management system connects the grower with all the information he needs to do his job in one place. This allows growers to extend the current system of placing physical flags on plants to assign work tasks, by placing digital versions of the same flags with Luna.

Measure What Matters
All the business processes in the greenhouse operation can be measured end- to- end and compared to expected results.

Precise, Consistent, & Repeatable Results
With Luna, you can develop a digital record of every crop including inputs and outcomes enabling a continuous improvement approach that can optimize your results and then repeat for an unprecedented level of consistency. Each task is assigned and managed as it was planned and designed. Problems are identified and addressed, with no need to reinvent solutions to problems even if roles and assignments change.

Measure Your Performance
Luna eliminates extraneous data collection tasks, and having to walk around to get what you need to do your job, letting growers focus on what they do best. Further, by measuring the real-time growth and health of the plants, Luna lets the whole business focus on the results.

Skip the Boring Tasks
Luna automates repetitive tasks and facilitates process improvements by easily identifying bottlenecks. Parallel processing opportunities, or the elimination of redundant steps, allow workers to spend more time on their main tasks, which increases productivity and reduces waste.

Increase Your Teams’ Efficiency
Visibility of greenhouse processes allows for concentration on the inefficiencies. Luna also results in the creation of better designed, executed and monitored processes.

Reduce Important Risks
Comprehensive real-time visibility of inventory, and processes, coupled with reviewable visual records, enables a new level of risk management.

Real time plant health data also means detecting problems significantly earlier, making possible much more effective proactive interventions.

Respond Quicker
Greenhouse operations are constantly faced with the need for change made necessary by new regulations, demand, or the emergence of new ways of working. One key feature of Luna is that it facilitates the design of processes that are flexible.

Space planning made easy
Luna constantly monitors your entire operation, giving real-time measures of coverage in every range.  This enables efficient space planning and consolidation that can dramatically reduce travel time for labor and crops.

Increase sell through
Luna provides a breakthrough in real-time communication between growers, sales team and customers.  By enabling the sales team and the customer to see the current crop as well as a readiness forecast, time-consuming walk-throughs can be minimized and market opportunities can be captured.

Catch disease faster than ever before
Luna’s computer vision can detect discoloration and other signs of disease and distress well before it becomes visible to the naked eye.  In addition, by identifying individual plant specific stress, unnecessary costly treatments of healthy plants can be avoided.

Retain top industry talent
Talented growers are driven to produce the best results in an organization that enables them to spend most of their time leveraging their specialized skills.  Luna enables the best growers to efficiently and effectively delegate labor tasks while giving them the right combination of data and imagery to leverage their judgement.

Peace of mind while remote
Luna is available on your smart phone, tablet, or computer wherever you are so that you can be off-site but you’re always able to check on your crops.

Centralize your tribal knowledge
Luna creates a digital record of every crop, including inputs, growth rates, and harvest schedules.  Over time, Luna will enable a custom record of your operation that can be used for training, reference, or optimization and efficiently share the best practices of your best talent with your entire staff.

“One of the biggest problems I had in the industry was being supplied a product or service and then (great customer service) goes away. That service is fantastic and wonderful until they implement and then all of a sudden you struggle. We’re changing that… the worst thing I can do is leave – If we have a problem, I’m not leaving. I’m actually getting in deeper” – 20-year industry veteran Shane Lewis, Head of Customer Success

Here at iUNU, we do things different. From our first conversations to system on-boarding to continued service and everything in between, iUNU puts our clients at the center of everything we do to ensure you are happy and your Luna system is optimized for your operation.


Our dedicated Customer Service Team comes onsite before and after your Luna system goes live to ensure company-wide system adoption.

    • System consulting and side-by-side training for primary Luna account holders.
    • Training and support on the use of Luna for all employees.
    • Input of all relevant data into Luna – Crop recipes, SKUs, UPCs, contractor contact information, employee lists and contact information, plant treatment lists, detailed facilities map by crop type.

Continued Service

Once your system is up and running, iUNU continues to provide consultative services and superior technical support.

    • Direct contact with a dedicated Client Success Manager for coordinating routine and emergency support, with a promise of a working solution within 24 hours.
    • Annual consultations with a Customer Success Executive to ensure Luna alignment with your expectations and goals.
    • Automatic updates of your Luna service and included features.
    • Repair or replacement of the Data Collection System and hardware as necessary.

Luna is the first computer vision platform designed to work hand-in-hand with growers, empowering them to see and control more. It offers plant-level data analysis combining sensors with its revolutionary greenhouse rail track network coupled with high-definition imagining. The result? Growers can identify potential problems proactively through real-time visibility and insights, improving response rates, increasing labor efficiency, reducing scrap and dump, optimizing supply chain management and dramatically impacting outcomes. It’s designed to integrate seamlessly with your growing team, improving business outcomes and customer satisfaction.

Luna delivers a platform that proactively tracks and traces your crops ensuring you can meet and maintain the highest standards. If plants deviate from these stringent standards, the team is alerted for an immediate intervention. Readiness indicators highlight when crops are ideal for shipping, equaling better in-store performance and sell-through – you plant less and grow more efficiently.

Using high-definition imaging components backed by sophisticated data analysis software, Luna detects growth anomalies as soon as they start. It does this by comparing the current crops to model crops and displaying associated growth curves, enabling the team to make quick decisions and assign members specific tasks in targeted locations. Luna’s analytics reliably predict when plants will be ready for harvest while providing timely feedback on the efficacy of treatments and recipes over the entire growth cycle.

Luna connects you from anywhere there’s an Internet connection. You are never in the dark about what’s happening in your greenhouses because the platform actively monitors, real-time, atmospheric information, sending customized alerts. Luna also gives you the power to maximize labor force asset allocation using workflow management tools. Place flags, assign tasks to teams or individuals, track completion, and bulk report labor activities for analysis, encouragement, and coaching without ever having to step in your greenhouse.

While Luna is plant-based, iUNU is 100% client-focused. As a sign of our commitment, your personalized system comes with a dedicated Client Solutions Executive available to handle any questions, concerns, or issues within 24-hours of notification. On day ONE, we bring a team of highly-skilled professionals to the facility to provide extensive Luna on-boarding.. Our goal is to make sure your entire organization is comfortable with Luna so you can maximize the system’s benefits and continuously evolve your approach.  At iUNU, we’ve got your back.

Luna – Empowering Growers to See and Control More.


View your entire facility at a glance.            

With Luna’s digital flagging and alert systems, you can see the entire organizational ecosystem on a single screen, allowing you to quickly prioritize the day and optimize for yield.

Watch your plants grow over time.

Daily monitoring measures plants against ideal growth curves and builds time-lapse views, empowering you to review performance and adjust recipes as needed to deliver picture perfect crops.

Identify problems before they spread.

Real-time health analysis, based on growth rate, flower count, color change or other factors, identifies problems as they emerge, allowing the grower to intervene before a minor hiccup becomes a major headache.

Empower your salesforce.

Your customers and sales team will see the plants in your inventory before they ship.


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Know your environment.

Luna’s environmental sensors are stationed in and around your plants, giving valuable feedback on growing conditions and nutrient uptake. The best part? Our sensors are portable so you can place them in the areas that need the most attention.

Know harvest timing.

By comparing current crop growth to model growth curves, Luna helps you know when the plants will be ready to ship, enabling you to speed up or delay supply timing.

Know your sell-through.

Luna analyzes what percentage of your crops will meet customer standards, supporting sell-through and revenue forecasting before anything ever leaves the facility.

Know where to plant.

Inventory placement is constantly changing inside the greenhouse, so Luna identifies and shows you the available spaces. Over time the system will recommend how to optimize your growing area, making more efficient use of your growing spaces.


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Peace of mind while remote.

Need to head out of town for an important meeting? Is it harvest season and you’re stuck off-site? Luna has your back, sending updates and alerts on a continuous basis while freeing you up with the comfort of knowing your valuable crops are being monitored.

Manage your workforce from anywhere.

With Luna’s workflow management application, you can assign tasks to individuals or teams while sipping that first cup of coffee to start your day.

Reduce your inputs per plant.

Using Luna’s extensive data collection and analysis capabilities, you can focus on what each plant is telling you about its health and give it exactly what it needs.

Try something new.

Growers are always experimenting. With Luna, you can automate data collection and run multiple R&D projects at once getting near-instant feedback on how your new “recipes” are affecting growth and health.


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