View your entire facility at a glance.            

With Luna’s digital flagging and alert systems, you can see the entire organizational ecosystem on a single screen, allowing you to quickly prioritize the day and optimize for yield.

Watch your plants grow over time.

Daily monitoring measures plants against ideal growth curves and builds time-lapse views, empowering you to review performance and adjust recipes as needed to deliver picture perfect crops.

Identify problems before they spread.

Real-time health analysis, based on growth rate, flower count, color change or other factors, identifies problems as they emerge, allowing the grower to intervene before a minor hiccup becomes a major headache.

Empower your salesforce.

Your customers and sales team will see the plants in your inventory before they ship.


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Know your environment.

Luna’s environmental sensors are stationed in and around your plants, giving valuable feedback on growing conditions and nutrient uptake. The best part? Our sensors are portable so you can place them in the areas that need the most attention.

Know harvest timing.

By comparing current crop growth to model growth curves, Luna helps you know when the plants will be ready to ship, enabling you to speed up or delay supply timing.

Know your sell-through.

Luna analyzes what percentage of your crops will meet customer standards, supporting sell-through and revenue forecasting before anything ever leaves the facility.

Know where to plant.

Inventory management and placement is constantly changing inside the greenhouse so Luna identifies and shows you the available spaces. Over time the system will recommend how to optimize your growing area, making more efficient use of your growing spaces.


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Peace of mind while remote.

Need to head off-site for an important meeting? Is it harvest season and you have to head out of town? Luna’s got your back, sending updates and alerts on a continous basis while freeing you up with the comfort of knowing your precious plants are being watched.

Manage your workforce from anywhere.

With Luna’s workflow management application, you can assign tasks to individuals or teams while sipping the first coffee of the day.

Reduce your inputs per plant.

Using Luna’s extensive data collection and analysis capabilities, you can focus on what each plant is telling you about its health and give it exactly what it needs.

Try something new.

Growers are always experimenting. With Luna, you can automate data collection and run multiple R&D projects at once getting near-instant feedback on how your new “recipe” is affecting growth and health.


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