Liquid 2 Ventures | Joe Montana, Mike Miller & Michael Ma

LUNA is exactly the type of company we love to back: a deeply technical team applying machine learning to solve a very real problem. It’s well known that current agriculture methods don’t scale to meet future population growth. Using computer vision and ML, Adam et al. have already shown that they can economically increase crop yield per unit area, giving their customers a significant advantage in a critical market. LUNA moves beyond the AI hype – it uses computers to solve a very real world problem.

Bill Ainley | Owner at HortMatrix LLC

Guys, this is an absolute game changer. This is going to disrupt the industry.

Neal Pomroy

IUNU is the clear leader in making precision agriculture a reality for indoor growing. By focusing on plant health and growth rate, real time information can be used and monetized by the horticulturalist – not long after the harvest. Increased yield and efficient communications equals profit!

Fuel Capital | Brad Silverberg & Chris Howard

We’re excited to take this journey with IUNU to create the most powerful tool to help the greenhouse industry in decades.

Initialized Capital | Alexis Ohanian

This solution turns greenhouses into data driven manufacturing plants. It is both a seriously practical and crucial commercial application of AI to a fundamental industry.

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