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General Questions

Luna is an artificial intelligence network that leverages Industrial Computer Vision to focus on the plant in commercial greenhouses. Using a rail-mounted autonomous mobile camera system that captures close up high definition images of each of your plants, and high definition emplaced cameras that watch and keep track of where each of your plants are throughout the growing process, combines this visual information with data points gathered from in-canopy sensors to understand what is going on. This means more than just tracking inventory movement. Luna is building models of real time growth curves and proactively notifying growers if subsequent crops deviate from established standards. By coupling these alerts with workflow management, growers can easily assign tasks to teams and manage all the care required for a particular crop. Luna is easily accessed through any Internet-connected device through a native mobile application or a desktop browser. Luna is all the information the grower needs, in one place.

Luna understands what she sees. In the context of the industrial process, she understands the greenhouse growing process. Her visual cortex segments images by turning colors and shapes into data, which then forms objects and environments. Her cerebral cortex then analyzes those objects and environments, comparing what she sees against the expectations based on the models of the world she builds. In that way, she is like any other grower.

Luna watches everywhere at the same time though, and looks for patterns in the data not visible without that perspective. Instead of trying to do what growers already do well (diagnosing and solving problems), Luna gives growers the overwatch perspective to know where to look for the problems, and subsequently freeing resources up from areas that don’t need immediate attention. 

Luna installation is designed as a retrofit operation, so you don’t have to change the way you grow to get the system up and running. Our installation technicians work around your schedule to ensure minimal disruption to your current operations.

Height is an important variable we consider when talking to potential clients. However, our engineers have experience dealing with less-than-optimal situations and we’re positive we can get Luna into your facility. Contact us today to speak with our Customer Success team to discuss how to get real visibility into your greenhouse.

In order to process the images our camera system captures, and for you to view your plants remotely, Luna does need an open connection to the Internet. Our Customer Success and Installation teams can work with you and your local network provider to ensure there is enough capacity so you have up to date information available everywhere.

Stuff breaks, we get it. That is why all of our contracts include full-service of the system at no additional cost to our clients. We also include on-site replacement components and train your maintenance staff to perform small tasks such as replacing a camera so your operation never misses a beat. Each client is also assigned a dedicated Client Success Manager that can be reached whenever you have a need.

Luna’s environmental sensor system ensures all of the data relevant to your grow is captured and recorded to create easily repeatable crop recipes and practices. With that, right now iUNU is working with multiple vendors to integrate leading hardware systems into Luna.

Luna lets your growers do more and focus their attention where it is most needed. The first benefit of using Luna is knowing where you don’t have to waste your time today. 

Our website currently has information regarding Luna here to give you a better understanding of the benefits of Luna. We also have our system operating in a showroom in Southern California that is available for tours by prospective clients. Please contact Customer Success at (844)476-4868 or at luna@iunu.com for more information about scheduling an appointment.