Our Team

ADAM GREENBERG | Chief Executive Officer


Amazon, Pure Blue Tech, W Fund, Jones Startup Accelerator

CLAYTON WOOD | Chief Operations Officer

CLAYTON WOOD | Operations

Synapse Product, XZERES, Naverus, Honeywell

LUCAS ADAMSKI | VP of Engineering

LUCAS ADAMSKI | Engineering

Mozilla, Adobe, Macromedia

MATT KING | Chief Technology Officer

MATT KING | Technology

Boeing, Sequent (Ac by IBM), IBM, Intel, HP, Pacific Bell

SHANE LEWIS | Head of Customer Success

SHANE LEWIS | Customer Success

Northwest Horticulture, Greenhouse Facility Expert

Investor & Customer Insights

Liquid 2 Ventures | Joe Montana, Mike Miller & Michael Ma

Luna is exactly the type of company we love to back: a deeply technical team applying machine learning to solve a very real problem. It's well known that current agriculture methods don't scale to meet future population growth. Using computer vision and ML, Adam et al. have already shown that they can economically increase crop yield per unit area, giving their customers a significant advantage in a critical market. Luna moves beyond the AI hype - it uses computers to solve a very real world problem.

Bill Ainley | Owner at HortMatrix LLC

Guys, this is an absolute game changer. This is going to disrupt the industry.

Neal Pomroy

IUNU is the clear leader in making precision agriculture a reality for indoor growing. By focusing on plant health and growth rate, real time information can be used and monetized by the horticulturalist - not long after the harvest. Increased yield and efficient communications equals profit!

Fuel Capital | Brad Silverberg & Chris Howard

We’re excited to take this journey with IUNU to create the most powerful tool to help the greenhouse industry in decades.

Initialized Capital | Alexis Ohanian

This solution turns greenhouses into data driven manufacturing plants. It is both a seriously practical and crucial commercial application of AI to a fundamental industry.

History of IUNU

About Us

Founded in 2013, iUNU (“you knew”) is an industrial computer vision company headquartered in Seattle, with offices in San Francisco and San Diego. Connecting plants, facilities, and people through a single interface, LUNA turns commercial greenhouses into precise, predictable, demand-based manufacturers. An artificial intelligence born in the heart of Seattle; trained in Silicon Valley and the greenhouses of Skagit Valley; and now accessible from everywhere. The team at IUNU looks forward to introducing you to her.

Early Days

IUNU’s history began in 2013 with Adam Greenberg, alongside Travis Conrad and Kyle Rooney, focusing on lighting and building plant health systems/sensors into lights. Very quickly, the customers were intrigued by the plant health system and found that the lighting made a harder decision since most growers don’t need lighting everywhere they are growing. After this continued request, Adam Greenberg (CEO), Matt King (CTO), and Clayton Wood (COO), decided to pave a pathway forward focusing solely on software. After some difficult decisions, the three began the rebuilding process in a new direction.

The ideas and components that grew into becoming Luna began in the widespread dissatisfaction with existing greenhouse monitoring systems that were all focused on measuring inputs and environments, and were complex and difficult to operate. The common feeling among growers of being leashed to the greenhouse, was the first problem we set out to solve, and set us on the path to where we are today.

The manufacturing industry spent decades getting to the point of instrumenting assembly lines and tracking individual widgets as part of a continually measured, highly standardized, industrial process. Our premise started with the idea that computer vision allows us to instrument plants with cameras and software, measuring continuously without touching them. Doing it in real time meant we could close the system, include the plant itself in the feedback- control loop, and give commercial growers a constantly measured, highly standardized, industrial process.

Combining years of exploration and developments, Project Thoth, named for the original Egyptian god of data, the record keeper of the crops, began in 2015. Triggered by the convergence of computer vision, machine learning, and the availability of computing and remote sensing hardware at commercially viable prices, it developed into pilot programs at commercial growing operations in Seattle and Skagit Valley. Thoth was renamed to Luna in 2016.


Luna and released V1 on November 3, 2016. Expanding on the core data collection platform with this release, task management, data comparison, and real-time imaging were incorporated into the new graphical user interface. Building on this success, and resounding demand for exactly this solution, IUNU partnered with Initialized Capital, Fuel Capital, Liquid 2 Ventures, Second Avenue Partners, Village Capital, and many others.

After turning the data collection system into an enterprise software solution, and developing the Automated Rail Camera hardware (aka “Bob”), Luna Version 2 was officially released on December 1, 2017. Among the feature set, Luna is now equipped with a Digital Flagging System (DFS), growth rate analysis, crop readiness, inventory management, time travel for crop comparisons, and a team communication system.

Now with an international presence, IUNU’s team has been growing steadily for the last few years and is now around 30 people. With experience from Amazon, Boeing, Intel, IBM, HP, Honeywell, Adobe, Mozilla and some of the largest commercial greenhouse operations, the passionate team plus great capital partners create the perfect intersection of greenhouse industry veterans and proven technology track records.

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