Luna is the first computer vision platform designed to work hand-in-hand with growers, empowering them to see and control more. It offers plant-level data analysis combining sensors with its revolutionary greenhouse rail track network coupled with high-definition imagining. The result? Growers can identify potential problems proactively through real-time visibility and insights, improving response rates, increasing labor efficiency, reducing scrap and dump, optimizing supply chain management and dramatically impacting outcomes. It’s designed to integrate seamlessly with your growing team, improving business outcomes and customer satisfaction.

Shane Lewis | Head of Customer Success at iUNU

“So, for each customer, it’s a little bit different and it’s fun to watch what they value the most out of it, what they see. But particular for me, is just the ability in the morning that I can get up, and see my facility, any part of the facility that I wanted to right then and there. It takes a lot, think about a 75 acre facility. Think about, you know, it takes a long time, you’re not gonna see that all in one day. And there are specific places that you wanna look, like maybe you wanna see in the R and D house, or maybe one of your favorite flowers, or your favorite crop, or whatever’s coming through. And you wanna take a look at it. You can go right now and see. You can have a cup of coffee, be at your desk, open it up, look inside, go to that place, see those things.So, for me, that’s what it is. I just like the being able, the visual aspect of it.

Our product will absolutely change the way that our customers go about their day to day operations. Our product is a product of discovery. So, it’s getting better the more you use it. So, you use it more and more each day, it gets more and more powerful each day. It allows you to change, so you’re gonna change what you’re doing this week from next week. It’s only gonna get more efficient. It’s only gonna get better because Luna has gotten better between here and now. So, as it grows and gets bigger and bigger, you can start to do more and more things yourself.

Sometimes they anticipate a problem. Sometimes, but most times, they discover the problem. Now they have to react to that problem. So, if we can help them know before, know during the problem, so that they can get to it quicker and sooner, game changer.”