Video Transcript

Shane Lewis, Head of Customer Success:
The way that we’re going to have great customer success, how this is going to be. So first of all, we’ve changed what customer success was, or what it was going to be. So we put different aspects underneath of it that normally might have their own divisions, so anything that touches the customer at Iunu comes through our division, and we call it our White Glove service. One of the biggest problems that I had in the industry was, is being supplied a product or a service and then the peep, it just goes away. That service is fantastic and wonderful until they implement it, and then all of a sudden you struggle. We’re changing that.

We come onsite, we help you the entire time, you have direct access to an exec level person inside the Customer Success Division at any time. Each customer is given an account manager, that account manager is a direct touch. We have routine calls that we’re going to make, to make sure everything’s going. We’re going to learn how you operate, and then we’re going to apply our system to that. We actually come onsite, and we just do discover it first. So we come in, and we sit with you in your meetings, the ones that’ll let us in, and we learn how you communicate. We learn the people that are inside your company, so we’re not coming at this as a person that provides a piece of hardware and a piece of software. We’re coming at this as we want to be here long term.

We want Iunu and Company X to work together into the future. So when Company X makes a decision or a change, Iunu’s at the table. We’re there, how can we help them get better at what they’re doing. We can do this. And we’re not going to leave their sides. I get asked all the time, “What if it doesn’t work?” My answer to that is, “That the worst thing I could do is leave. If we had a problem, I’m not leaving. I’m actually getting in deeper. We’re going to spend more time there. We’re going to come to your facility more often. We’re going to take care of that.” So that changes us.

Speaker 2:
That’s a true partnership, right?

Shane Lewis:
Right. That’s a true partnership.